Jesper Bæk Jørgensen

Game Developer & 3D Artist


Jesper Bæk Jørgensen

Game Developer & 3D Artist

Who am I?

I am a 24 year old game developer & 3D artist from Denmark. I am extremely passionate about my work and the projects, I contribute to. I specialize in low poly game ready 3D models, with PBR texturing. I have solid experience working with high-end Virtual Reality in both Unity and Unreal Engine.







In October 2016, I was part of a Virtual Reality production for 'Ribe Viking Center' in Denmark. They requested a realistic and educational way to experience a digital copy of their real-life authentic Viking Blacksmith, located in their museum. With my team at 'The Danish Game Factory' I worked to recreate the location in Unity for the HTC Vive.

Inside the game you will be instructed to forge a sword from a piece of metal by a man sitting beside you. You have to heat up the metal bar to the right temperature, by blowing the bellows and from here, you are able to pick up your hammer and bang out the sword on top of the anvil. By the end you can cool it off in the bucket of water and see how well you've done.

The game has been now been played in by hundreds of visitors and guests in both Ribe and at the Game Factory. The video here showcases the scene inside Unreal Engine 4 was put together by Kenneth Bested. My main focus in this production was creating all low-poly models, with the exception of the building, chest and sword.


In January 2016, I was invited by the creators of Kiloo to help out Massive Motorsport with their Aston Martin racer simulator. A colleague and I were to improve the overall quality of the race car tracks for their advanced car simulator, in place to prepare and train some of the most talented race car drivers in the world. Over our month long internship at Massive, we were tasked with creating two fully useable and realistic simulator tracks - 'Jyllandsringen' & 'Classic Race Aarhus'.

It was an incredible experience, working with a completely new engine and a very different way of implementing assets and textures. We went to the actual real world location 'Jyllandsringen' (A race car track in Denmark) drove and walked around the track, while taking pictures and videos for reference, along with getting a hands-on experience with every little inconsistency and bump in the asphalt.

We ended up using our own data, combined with Google maps height data to create the most real world experience possible and had 'Le Mans' & 'DTC' champion 'Casper Elgaard' test it several times, along with his co-workers and ourselves. After completing this track, we moved on to Classic Race Aarhus, which was made in a little less than 2 weeks. It also turned out really well, even though we had no way of comparing it to the real life track, as it is set up inside Aarhus City, as a temporary event once a year.

The video shows the 'Classic Race Aarhus' track, alas filmed with a smartphone camera from inside the simulator car (which is an actual Aston Martin by the way!) You can rent a session in the racer simulator and try out our tracks for around 1400 DKK (210 USD) per hour.



In September 2015, I was involved in a school-project at 3D College, Denmark. In this project we were asked to create a 3D environment, running in a game-engine of our choice. Our five man team chose to work in Unreal Engine 4 and began creating an idyllic village, built up around a mine. We had good collaboration, an effective pipeline and great workflow, resulting in an interesting end-product. While my main focus was creating PBR textures for our assets, I was part of concept development, 3D modelling and level design. We ended up with a great scene and I have created a small video, showcasing the quality, style and feeling of this project.


In November 2015, I was part of a student team of artists and programmers developing a mobile game in 4 weeks. As the lead artist, I was in charge of choosing and maintaining the art style throughout production as well as having the final call on the games assets. The game went on to win the 2015 'Innovation Camp' diploma for best Android game, signed by the people at ClearCut Games. It's now live and available as a free download on Amazon Underground.

The most unique take on the mobile genre and the game with the most sales potential.
Elemental Onslaught
Clania Ignobilis

In January 2015, I took part in my first major school project at 3D College. The task was to create a robot and a small piece of environment to go along with it in around a month. My group & I decided to put heavy emphasis on the robot itself, so we ended up with a concept for a huge heavyweight war-machine.

My main role in this project, was modelling most parts of the robot, along with texturing it and a few other assets in the environment. This was my first time working with PBR and it is setup in the first edition of Unity which supported it. There were quite a few issues with this, that unfortunately halted the quality of the final product.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic city and you are able to walk down the street, blow up taxis and other cars with your heavy machine gun. By the end of the road, which is blocked by a fallen train, you can pick up a rocket launcher from a fellow robot 'body' and unleash your disruptive powers. You can also pick up a hammer to crush your enemies by hand.

At the end of the month, we were to show off our project at an open house. Here we let people play our game and received great feedback. We ended up winning a prize for 'Best robot' out of three possible prizes given out by people in the Danish game industry.

Take a look at the video, to see what it looks like.