3D artist/Video game developer


Dedicated, passionate developer. Communicative and engaging teamplayer. Creative designer & 3D artist for games, interactive products and digital experiences.

My desk, workstation & second home at Artifact.

My desk, workstation & second home at Artifact.


Jesper Bæk Jørgensen

I am a graduate from 3D College, Denmark specializing in game art & web-design. Following my education I went on to build a company with the best people I know. We created Artifact - A B2B virtual reality & game interaction production team.

I balance my work with personal creative projects and a never-ending curiosity for technology & innovative solutions. I am a gamer, a creator & an open minded talkative tech head. Besides 3D graphics, designing games & webdesign I spend a fair amount of my time meeting new people, future costumers, business partners & exploring the industry. 

My creative approach is to see the task through in the most viable way possible, rather than generalizing or repeating the same process. I love to be helpful & I work best in dynamic, ever-changing environments with variety & general change of pace. I like to adapt to changes, overcome challenges & learning new tools at the cutting edge of technology.

I love seeing my creations bring joy or any kind of significant value. That is what drives me & the goal I will always work towards. Presenting my ideas, productions or observing its use is just as important to me as getting things done. I believe in an iterative & highly specialized approach to design.