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City of Thieves (Tyvenes By) - Board Game

About the game

City of Thieves (Tyvenes By) is a semi-casual game for 4 players. It incorporates aspects from both sides of the spectrum - from advanced to easy and family friendly.You control a gang of thieves in a medieval city. Your thieves are represented with cards, reaching from 1 to 4 in experience. 4 being the best.

The city consists of 4 shops and the kings castle. The butcher, blacksmith, the market and the bank are all available targets to rob each round and hold a fixed amount of gold coins.

Contents of the game

The goal is to steal these coins, which all four gangs compete about - or sometimes have to split. The core elements are bluff, strategy and luck, as you put down your theif-cards face down, and mix their experience with dice rolls. The dice are put on top of the cards, showing only the half truth of what you are up against.

In the beginning of each round a "day card" is drawn and read aloud. This will have some kind of random effect on the city of a specific shop. The same thing happens at the end of a round with a "night card". These two random effects often lead to fun combinations.


How it started

In late 2016 I attended a game design-session on The Game Factory in Denmark. We were asked to create a board game, to test our theory and ideas about game design. We were also told that a few days a later, our design could be tested at a local board game cafe. 


Grouped up with 6 other people, we set out to make the best game we could, incorporating some of our favorite game elements. We drew a couple of lines on a whiteboard and decided on a theme: Thieves in a medieval setting. 

A week later, following a late night of cutting out paper, pasting it on cardboard - we were ready to for our first public test. We visited Papa's Papbar in Odense and let people had a go at it. Thankfully it was a success and people were so into it we decided to develop it further.


Further development

Following our first outside test, we worked on refining the project using feedback and what we had learnt. We balanced the event cards, provided a better way of winning and our artist started working on some top notch illustrations.

After that, most of us behind the game found ourselves busy starting a company together. The game was put on a shelf, until a day, months later, were we showed  the game to a business partner.  He set us up with a board game publisher and a few days later, I found myself doing another playtest with them.


It went really well and we agreed on a publishing deal! We signed a contract with Game Inventors around 6 months after the games creation.

Since then, we've been working hand in hand on refining the last parts of the game. I've been mostly responsible for writing and rewriting the ruleset along with the 48 event cards in the game.

The game came out in August 2018 and we celebrated with a launch party at the very same board game cafe were we originally tested the game. It was an awesome night, with almost 50 people playing the game at the same time. Today you can find it in stores all over Denmark for 250 kr. Links below!